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                Hello, welcome to the EPOLE printing equipment limited company official website! Chinese | English



                +  Screen printing machine
                - Automatic printer
                - Oblique screen printer
                - Vertical screen printer
                - Other screen printer
                +  Drying equipment
                - UV machine
                - IR Dryer
                - Oven
                +  Auxiliary equipment
                - Halftone Oven
                - Exposure Machine
                - Stretching machine
                - Laminator

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                Our company specialize in screen printing machine 、laminating machine and relat...
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                Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind
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                EPOLE equipment FAQ

                Shenzhen epole printing equipment Co., Ltd.  Copyright  GuangDong ICP No. 10229491 -4
                Tel:400-081-6603  13802286023
                E-mail:gaochengwen@epole-print.com Add:Shenzhen baoan district fortuna's peace street community and shing industrial building, 5 floor area C.

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